Glass Bead Garland on Brass

Glass Bead Garland on Brass

16mm Clear Glass Bead Tree Garland-Brass Connector Luxurio..


White Peg and Slat Wood Tree-59 inch

White Peg and Slat Wood Tree-59 inch

White Peg and Slat Painted Wood Ornament Tree 59" 29" T X 3..


Ornamotion Up & Down Single

Ornamotion Up & Down Single

Up and Down Ornamotion - Single Pak Cylindrical shape Orna..


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Why Own A Metal Ornament Tree?

  1. Enjoy your cherished Christmas ornaments - from one to 100 or more- no fuss, no muss.
  2. Display almost any style, weight, or type of ornament especially heavy weight glass, silver, porcelain, wood ornaments up to 5 oz.
  3. Decorate your wedding reception, make a family photo tree, or money tree for a special family occasion or church celebration.
  4. Ornament trees can be displayed all year around or taken apart and stored in a small space off-season.
  5. Rotating ornament trees are ideal for showing off your hand-made crafts, products in a trade show booth or your store.

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